Looking for a rebuilt engine for your Kubota or Bobcat? Need a new Issuz or Perkins diesel engine? Congrats you have come to the right place. Advanced Engine of Plymouth, Indiana serving the entire US.

Hastings Piston Rings

Advanced Engine is an authorized distributor of the following high quality Hastings piston rings!

Weather you need piston rings for your daily driver car, pick up truck, farm tractor, fork lift, or skid loader, there is a pretty good chance that Hastings Piston Rings makes them!  There is an even better chance that you can get those rings from Advanced Engine!  Piston rings are also available by bore and groove size for those custom and obsolete applications!  Let Advanced Engine get you the high quality rings that you need, when you need them!

When choosing the correct piston rings for your engine it’s important to know what you need and what you are getting!  Choosing the correct piston rings for your application can be difficult.  That’s why we at Advanced Engine would love to help you make sure you have it right!  Give us a call at 574-784-8267 and let Advanced Engine do the work for you.

Learn more about Hastings Piston Rings and look up the piston rings you need for your engine:

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