Looking for a rebuilt engine for your Kubota or Bobcat? Need a new Issuz or Perkins diesel engine? Congrats you have come to the right place. Advanced Engine of Plymouth, Indiana serving the entire US.

Superior John Deere Parts and Service

Advanced engine offers a complete line of after market John deere parts and service.See a list of the parts we carry... More »



High quality valve train parts by Intersate McBee sold at Advanced Engine
High quality valve train parts by Intersate McBee sold at Advanced Engine

Advanced Engine sells tractor parts like valve train kits!

Advancd Engine sells quality tractor parts like new and reman engines and engine parts! 

Advanced Engine carries a full line of tractor engine parts.  We have tractor parts like: crankshafts, cylinder heads, piston rings, gaskets, and much, much more!  Weather you are working on an International, John Deere, New Holland, or anything else, we can get you the engine parts you need for your tractor.  If  you are looking for tractor parts for your JCB, don’t forget that Advanced Engine is a Perkins engine dealer!  Here at Advanced Engine, we don’t just sell the easy to find parts either.  If you have an old Oliver with a Detroit in it, or a Massey Ferguson that you can’t find engine parts for, give us a call!

Reman tractor parts

We also have a large selection of remanufactered crankshafts, connecting rods, and cylinder heads, to help save you money on your repair!  If by chance we don’t have the head or crank that you need, just send yours to us and we can rebuild here in our state-of-the-art engine machine shop!

Quality Parts

Because Advanced Engine is not just a parts house, but also a rebuilder, we only sell the highest quality parts!  We can’t take our chances on using low end tractor parts and becasue of that, we realize that you can’t either.  Advanced Engine is proud to sell top name brand parts like: Interstate McBee, FP Diesel, Powermax, IPD, and Advantage parts.


Below is a list of quality tractor parts that Advanced Engine sell.  Even if you don’t see what your looking for, give us a call to see if it’s something we can help with!  574-784-8267


*Water pumps                     *Crankshafts (New & Reman)

*Oil pumps                           *Cylinder Heads (New & Reman)

*Fuel injectors                     *Connecting Rods (Reman)

*Turbochargers (New)       *Engine Kits


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