Looking for a rebuilt engine for your Kubota or Bobcat? Need a new Issuz or Perkins diesel engine? Congrats you have come to the right place. Advanced Engine of Plymouth, Indiana serving the entire US.

Superior John Deere Parts and Service

Advanced engine offers a complete line of after market John deere parts and service.See a list of the parts we carry... More »


Kubota Super Mini Series

Advacned Engine Mini Series of Kubota Engines
 The gasoline, gasoline/LP & Diesel SUPER MINI Series by Kubota.  Two and three cylinder engines from 0.48 to 0.75 liter displacement in diesel, gasoline, LP (liquid propane) and dual fuel conversions.

Engine Offered:

WG752 -E2 – Gasoline 3 Cylinder

DF752-E2 – Gasoline 3 Cylinder 

DF752-E2 – LPG 3 Cylinder 

WG972-E2 – Gasoline 3 Cylinder

DF972-E2 – Gasoline 3 Cylinder

DF972-E2 – LPG 3 Cylinder

Z482-E3B – Diesel 2 Cylinder

Z602-E3B – Diesel 2 Cylinder

D722-E3B – Diesel 3 Cylinder

D902-E3B – Diesel 3 Cylinder


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