Looking for a rebuilt engine for your Kubota or Bobcat? Need a new Issuz or Perkins diesel engine? Congrats you have come to the right place. Advanced Engine of Plymouth, Indiana serving the entire US.

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Rebuilt Kubota Engines and Geniune Kubota Engine Parts

Kubota Engines and Rebuilt Kubota Engine Parts
Thanks for visiting Advanced Engine.
The home the fastest rebuilt Kubota Engines and Geniune Kubota Engine Parts.
We are rapidly expanding our Kubota engine parts selection and making them available for next day shipping every day!

Why we sell Kubota Engine Parts?

While we would love to rebuild your Kubota Engine for your forklifts or skid-loaders, we realize that sometimes all you need is an extra genuine Kubota part to get back to work.
This is why, at Advanced Engine of Plymouth, Indiana we currently have many OEM Kubota engine parts available.

Here is a listed of the most requested ones.

*Water pumps                   *Crankshafts (New & Reman)

*Oil pumps                          *Cylinder Heads (New & Reman)

*Fuel injectors                     *Connecting Rods (Reman)

*Turbochargers (New)       *Engine Kits


All these parts are genuine, but, since we are not on commission, buying Kubota Engine parts from Advanced Engine helps you replace the high cost OEM parts from your Kubota dealer.

Feel free to look around, and use the form below each page to ask questions.

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Ask about rebuilt Kubota Engines and Kubota Engine Parts.

If you cannot find the rebuilt Kubota Engine your are looking for, or need a specific part number give us a call.

(574) 784-8267

We are always glad to help you solve your Kubota Engines challenges.

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Your Premier Indiana Kubota Engine Dealer

Indiana Kubota dealer

Premier Indiana Kubota Engine Dealer

Summer is finally here!

I think everyone had a long hard winter.

Spring took it’s sweet old time getting here, putting everyone a little behind.

Farmers are planting later, construction jobs got started later than planned, and boaters didn’t get on the water as soon as they had hoped.

The good news is that Summer is finally here!

Everything running behind means that when something breaks, it needs fixed now!

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that!

Whether you have a skid loader, tractor, generator, mower, or manlift, if you live in Indiana, Kubota engines are everywhere!

So, what do you do when your equipment with a Kubota engine has a problem?

Where is the closest Indiana Kubota dealer?

Who can you trust with your Kubota engine replacement and repair needs?

Trust Advanced Engine to be your Indiana Kubota dealer.

Advanced Engine in Plymouth, Indiana has the answer for you!

Having been a premier engine builder in Indiana Kubota engine repair has become one of our cornerstones.

While we rebuild all makes and models of engines and are dealers for several makes, we make it a point to be the best Indiana Kubota engine dealer!

Whether you need a water pump, cylinder head, or a complete Kubota engine, we can help solve your problems.

Advanced Engine stocks many common parts for Kubota engines including water pumps, glow plugs, filters, and even complete cylinder heads!  Our cylinder heads bran new castings with all new components in them.

Any available upgrades have been done such as raising the valve recession to improve cold starting.

Even though they are new heads, we still magnaflux, and pressure test each one to be sure that our customers don’t have any problems!

Advanced Engine is a long time member of the Engine Rebuilders Association, which means we have all of the latest support and training behind us.

Indiana Kubota engine owners have trusted Advanced Engine for parts and service for many years.

You can rest assured that Advanced Engine will steer you in the right direction for all of your Kubota engine needs.