Resurfacing Engine Block with Rottler S86A CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine

Cylinder heads and blocks may need to be resurfaced to restore flatness or to improve the surface finish, or milled to change the deck height for a variety of reasons.

Most typically, surfacing is necessary to restore surface finish and flatness – both of which are essential for late model engines with MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets.

Surfacing is likewise important when working with new blocks.

Resurfacing the engine block is needed to establish the desired deck height and piston clearance.

In addition, new heads may need surfacing to achieve the desired compression ratio and to make sure they are flat.
To achieve the best engine surfacing / block resurfacing results, we at Advanced Engine rely on

CNC automatic surfacing machinery from Rottler Manufacturing.

Why Rottler CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine?

Block surfacing is a key function of most Rottler equipment.

This leading manufacturer of block surfacing equipment had dedicated automatic, manual and CNC Engine Block surfacers, as well as multi-purpose machining centers that boast block surfacing capabilities as just one of many other machine operations.

They industry leading equipment features the ability to Deck blocks, Surface heads, true lifter bores, & automatically set milling to size.

Engine Block Surfacing with Rottler S86A CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine

This Rottler S86A in one of 7 in the world.

Why the Rottler S86A Engine Block Surfacing Machine for Advanced Engine?

The Rottler S86A machines combines cutting edge control technology with proven traveling column machine tool dry surfacing technology provides Advance Engine of Plymouth, Indiana with the world’s most advanced surfacing machines available today.

In fact, they are only 7 of these machines on the planet.

Only 1 in the Midwest.

While Advanced Engine is located in a small town in Indiana, it serves customers from around the globe.

The traveling column design of the Rottler S86A is consistent with the manufacturer’s proven design for decades in Rottler engine block machining centers.

The machinery is compact and reduces floor space requirements, all while improving accuracy of surface finish.

The S86A is designed for surfacing from the smallest to large heavy duty diesel heads and blocks.

The programmable downfeed with multiple passes is ideal when large amounts of material need to be removed in one set up. Angle milling and weld removal are also easily done in one cycle.

Direct Drive Ball Screws and Linear Roller Bearing Slideways on vertical and horizontal movements combine to give precise motion control resulting in precision surface finish.

Full Steel Enclosure surrounds the machine and keeps the work area clean and free of chips and protects operators from moving machine parts.

Electrical Enclosure mounted on the side of the machine allows the back of the machine to be installed against a wall reducing floor space requirements

Engine Block Surfacing with Rottler S86A CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine

The engine block typically sits on this specializes cart-rack prior to surfacing.

What is Block Surfacing?

Also known as, decking, it is used for the machine process that trues the head-gasket surface of the block.

Most often, the objective of decking is to end up with a flat surface cut that is parallel with the center line of the crankshaft and at the correct angle to the cylinder bores.

Another use for block surfacing when building a V-8 is to make sure the surface of each deck is the same distance from the crankshaft.

Decking can also be used to increase the compression ratio by reducing the quench volume and bringing the piston closer to the top of the bore when at top dead center

What is Cylinder Head Resurfacing?

As an industrial engine rebuilder, cylinder head resurfacing comes with the territory.

It is one of the jobs that is typically required when rebuilding an engine or reconditioning a cylinder head.

It is an extremely important to the long term durability of the engine.

Cylinder head resurfacing delivers a surface finish that is put on the head and engine block, which affects the head gasket’s ability to cold seal fluids and combustion gases.

This is the only Rottler S 86A Automatic Surfacing Machine in the Midwest, and 1 of only 7 in the world.